Deadlines Update

Today my second deadline is up – well, I still have some hours to go.

14-02-2011: I had to get the general outline of the story and working title. I have done that. I know where the story is leading and the title is still the same as the old working title.

28-02-2011: By today I had to finish a full two episode. I am happy because I’ve done that. I’ve written the Prologue, the First and Second Chapter. This is a great achievement. I am still editing the second chapter, but all in all I am elated about the progress. Before the end of the day I want to finish the episode on the mountain.

I hope to make this progress on monthly basis, that will sure make me finish the total book by August ;). That would be perfect.

One thing I keep on doing is editing constantly. I guess that’s a good mechanism. Fingers cross.


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