About This Website

i am a novelist in the making. i’ve been living this future in my head for too long, in fact this has been the case since the age of ten.

but this year i want to succeed and to achieve anything in my journey i need focus. this focus come in many forms. for instance i need inspiration and dedication to achieve this goal.

the blog title explains my goal.

one thing that inspires me most are dreams that comes to me each night, from people around me and most recently from the namy wonderful women in the blogsphere. when i watched the movie Inception, i was captivated by it. i felt like the writer was questioning himself or herself the same question i’ve posed myself before?

“what if dreams are just another form of reality?”

i use the term Inceptio-N-ovelist, because inception means beginning, novelist stands for novel-writer. therefore, i believe that combining the beginning *and* novel-writer, inceptio-n-ovelist suits my journey perfectly.

i want to put together the many beginning of my dreams to create a reality with my writings. i also want to brush my shoulders with writers who want to their journey of writing with me.

this is why i am T.he-I.nception-N.ovelist (tinovelist)!

thus Tinovelist became one of my many novelist-pen-names.

xoxo, T. I.!


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