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A Short Play

At the moment I am working on a thirty minute play to send out for a competition on 22nd January.

I hope it works alright.

It was inspired by the guy who died last year in Via Padova, Italy. I set it in Italy 2000. Andit narrates his life before the incident and after the death.

After his death his ghost takes the reader to the events prior to his death.

I hope it’s nice.


Poetry Library


I went to the poetrylibrary at the southbank culture center. I sat there reading for up to three hours. I was proud of myself. Sitting there among the books made me aware that, yes I can be a writer. All I need to be a writer is to get the right inspiration and sitting among like minded people will always help.

I read Iota, Poetry London, InsideOut and Sarasvati poetry magazines. Those were inspirational magazines.