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Mortals will utter:

“Avoid the illusions of the past,

do not wreck the present

without being a bee.”


The past was suppose to be the place

where our present emerges.

That’s why I devour the hundred

history books, to explain

the many angers and hatred of humans.


I cannot refuse to dig with my bare hands

in the dirt of my destiny into the subconscious

of the past and I’m not going to resist.

© 2008 T. A-A. I



>The following poem is dedicated to a loved one from a little girl.


It was a clear African day,
adults chatting with long
lost family members,
me and my elder sister
were the only young ones there.

I was the brave one
and she was the timid one,
when she saw our great-granny
in a deep sleep
she bust out crying loud.

Her mouth was watering
with thick saliva
her eyes were plumbed
she wasn’t used to
motionless people sleeping
I had seen one before,
maybe a year or two earlier.
So I didn’t cry.

The black around us was the colour
to celebrate the death of my great-granny.

© 2007 T. A-A. I