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5 Little Steps TO Turn A Dream Into A Goal

>Enough of reading. It is time to put my words down. This is an old blog I want to use to explore my creativity fully. I am going to be dedicated because it through determination and hard work that I will see my abstract ideas into concrete novel.

But before I proceed I need to ask myself five simple questions. I have to answer them sincerely and then everything will be okay.

1. What is the dream?

2. What is setting me back from turning the dream into a goal?

3. Can you transform it into a goal?

4. Is this goal realistic?

5. What mind set do you have for this goal?


The Aim

The Uncoscious as Freud said is full of dark forces and sexual desires. For some time I will use this technique to write the stories which might otherwise never come out. I will explore my unconscious and the sexual desires ‘buried’ deep in me. These desires will become part of the stories that I want to publish in the future.

The stories that I hope one day will become part of everyone’s life.