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Today, I’ve started my research about the story I’ve been trying to write for ages. I’ve decided to work based on deadlines. And to be able to do so I need to set dates down!

Deadline 1.

14-02-2011 – research and outline the main topic of the story. Provide a working title.

Deadline 2.

28-02-2011 – finish write at least two new full episodes. Focus on the accident on the bus and the trip on the mountains at Christmas time.


A Short Play

At the moment I am working on a thirty minute play to send out for a competition on 22nd January.

I hope it works alright.

It was inspired by the guy who died last year in Via Padova, Italy. I set it in Italy 2000. Andit narrates his life before the incident and after the death.

After his death his ghost takes the reader to the events prior to his death.

I hope it’s nice.

The Adventure

>That afternoon he phoned her. She saw his name on the display but she wanted to play it cool so she let it ring for some time. When she answered he said:
“I have some days off, what do you wants to do?” he sounded just like the man with muscles although he was just made of bones and soft skin.

She was excited, she wanted to be with him for at least a weekend, but how was she going to do so. He was always busy with work, that was the only thing that disturbed her in that relationship. Finally he wanted to have her for the whole weekend. The dilemma this time was – how was she going to escape the her boyfriend.

For the next two day she avoided bringing up a light lie that was ruminating in her head. But then, on the third day she took the courage and said: “I’m going for a girlie holidays for the whole weekend.” She casually dropped the topic when he came to visit that evening.

“A girlie holidays?… I thought you didn’t like going to party with the girls.” He wondered, smiling naively.
“I’ve changed my opinion on that since I started my new work” she was so concentrated on the boring tele-soap, that she had the sensation her boyfriend suspected something.

She turned to look at him. She wanted to make sure she was just imagining things. In fact he was clueless as a cat before the butcher. She smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you darling, I will buy you something when I am coming back.” She then got up because she had to park her bag for the weekend. She was all excited about the skimpy clothes she was going mother for her lover.