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Today, I’ve started my research about the story I’ve been trying to write for ages. I’ve decided to work based on deadlines. And to be able to do so I need to set dates down!

Deadline 1.

14-02-2011 – research and outline the main topic of the story. Provide a working title.

Deadline 2.

28-02-2011 – finish write at least two new full episodes. Focus on the accident on the bus and the trip on the mountains at Christmas time.



My heart is full,
I feel like crying. I have many words in my head but I don’t know when I have to sit down and pen them.

I want to write about the girl who due to racial abuse in 1995 falls anorexic. Also I’ve been thinking about the story of a love between two people whom the citizen don’t want them to fall in love.

I would like to write about an article regarding the controversy surrounding the involment of Black Soldiers in the Second World War. I don’t know who to contact for this idea. I am going to write a quick email to the editor of one of my local news papers to see what comes out of that.

…on the right track…

(Sunday, November 23, 2008)

I surmise to be on the right track
this year. I’ve done lot of writing
although I’m still strict on the quality,
I aim in great things and not banatality.
I’ve learnt who are my inspirations and my maestros.
They are still the light on my long and daunting road of arts.
I reckon I’ve demonstrated that I’m no more puerile and foolish
in expressing my thoughts in writing; but still don’t consider myself
mature enough. The year has been great and encouraging.

I’ve made friends with people who are interested in the creative world just like me. With their encouragement I have managed to believe slightly in myself and what I can achieve. I hope to be able to better my track in writing.
I am pursuing my dream as a dreamer in words.

I love this dream and know that one day it will come true.

I am on the right track toward it.

copyright T. A-A. I.

I wrote this and since then maybe I have not been diligent as I hope for but I have managed to write a lot more.



It is not because I don’t have time.
It is not because I don’t have the fantasy to put them on paper
I am just scared to fail,
to spend time and then not get published.
This is the reason why I am delaying accomplishing my dream.
The fact that I have just let go of the above words out
I feel a weight off my shoulders.
Now I must just focus
focus like never before on this journey of becoming a published author!

I can do it if I try hard enough! 



“I don’t know why I feel the way I do” these words from Bryan Adams’ song How do ya feel tonight had shaked something in my unconscious and I don’t know what it could be. The last words of my phrase have reminded me of the Cranberries‘ song Empty, there is something coming out of this. In the song, Dolores sung “Something has left my life, And I don’t know where it went to”; maybe something has left my of life and I’m still looking for it, but what could it be. The way the unconscious works is complex, and it is even more when is myUnconscious. Hopefully I can explain it in future, for now I will just focus on whatever comes into mind and without thinking about it I will note it on this page.

Deep breath, the therapy will begin slowly.